Sadie photograph by Will Rice

Water of an Undetermined Depth

Stackpole Books | 2002

What’s a man to do when his life is just work and trouble? Some hunt, some fish, some drink, some gamble. Richard Chiappone writes about them all—men living their lives, doing what they have to, and getting through the day. These characters are real, gritty, imperfect working men, who make the wrong choices and mess up. These stories about real people, tough and resilient, making hard choices, are a powerful and inspiring collection.

As compelling a story collection as I have come across in years. To say that I was entirely caught up in the emotional turbulence and deep longing of these living-on-the-edge characters is an understatement. I loved this book—it should catapult Mr. Chiappone to the forefront of American short fiction.

Jack Driscoll, author of Luck Man and Stardog

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