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TEDxHomer: “What Good is Fiction?”

Chiappone says that what matters to his heart is “that my stories encourage the reader to remember what it means to be a human being.”

The Hunger of Crows, an Alaskan novel, will be released November 9, 2021.

About the novel:
When a one-night-stand goes about as badly as one can, Carla Merino, a thirty-something cocktail waitress must flee her home in Phoenix, Arizona to elude the man who is after her. She drives north and doesn’t stop until she runs out of road on the coast of Alaska, in a town called Homer.

About the author:
Richard Chiappone is the author of three collections of short fiction and essays who has taught at the University of Alaska Anchorage since 1995, and served as an associate editor at Alaska Quarterly Review for more than a dozen years. His work has been featured on the BBC Radio 3 literary show “The Verb” and his story “Raccoon” was made into a short film and featured at international film festivals. He is a two-time winner of the Robert Traver Award.

He now teaches at Kachemak Bay Campus of Kenai Peninsula College and in the Master of Fine Arts Writing program at the university of Alaska Anchorage. A thirty-seven year Alaskan, he lives with his wife in Homer, where he has been an organizer of the Kachemak Bay Writers Conference for the past seventeen years.

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